Space Saving Magic Ice Cube Maker

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Make ice cubes for the whole party with zero hassle!

Save the space of ten ice cube trays with this one Magic Ice Cube Maker. This revolutionary product is able to hold 120 ice cubes, just by simply filling the container with water, freezing it, and easily popping out the ice cubes from the flexible silicone mould. You can store the ice cubes in the container as you freeze more!

It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

The Magic Ice Cube Maker also doubles as a drink holder, so you can keep your wine bottles chilled over dinner, or even keep ice cream cold! Multi-functional, and extremely practical, the Magic Ice Maker is a must-have for those summer parties and date nights in.

- Doubles as a drink holder
- Material: Food Grade Silicone Rubber
- Size: 13cm * 13cm * 14.5cm
- Certification: FDA
- Eco-Friendly